Probate & Estate Administration

If a loved one has passed, we can work with you to handle their final legal affairs. These services include working through the following court proceedings, and helping to administer the estate or trust:

  • Probate of a Will and For Letters Testamentary, where there is a Will.

  • Determination of Heirs, where there is no Will, or a Will cannot be located.

  • Probate of a Will as a Muniment of Title, where the appointment of a personal representative is not needed.
  • Small Estate Affidavit, where there is no Will and there are minimal assets.

There are times where a court proceeding is not necessary to settle an estate, or where the administration of a trust is instead required. I can meet with you to talk through the situation and help provide some assurance that all legal matters are resolved, or determine if matters can be handled in a way to avoid probate.